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Cultural Center Award Vrancea

Florina Breazu, 1973, Moldova

Lives and works in Chisinau, Moldova. Member of Union of Artists from Moldova, AIAP (UNESCO)

Graduated from the Republican College of Arts "Al. Plamadeala", Academy of Visual Arts "I. Andreescu", Textiles Department, Cluj Napoca, Romania, University of Arts "G. Enescu", Textiles Department, Iasi, Romania

Important exhibitions: Belgium, France, Germany, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Russia

Works in public collections: Moldova, Romania, Russia.

Works in private collections: Canada, Cyprus, France, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The Gate of the Steles tends to renew the connection between civilizations.

The necessity to commemorate the ancestors in the funeral steles served as an impetus to shape the idea. The funeral steles record some millennial traditions and the eternity of spirit.

The Gate of the Steles is a time portal through which the civilizations co-exist in parallel due to the enlightening force of divine energy. The automatic language tersely represented by means of graphic elements bring into focus the idea – the spirit.

The word, sound that takes shape by means of sign and script, acquires consistency. The areas of color, the expression of the world shaped by light, gently suggests the form/matter. In the course of teleportation, the elements of the material world become immaterial, fluid, transparent, with no consistency, they flow in a timeless stream in which the past, present and future are interweaved. The shadow and the darkness yield and melt in the sacred fire of purification. This is the gate of the pure spirit, which shapes the light of the color and reflects it back. The connection with the universal spirit and with the flow of creative energy occurs through contemplation and state of serenity.


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