daisy photographed from below

Prize II

Irina Viscun, 1983, SUA / France

Lives and works in France

Graduated from Bard College and Pantheon-Sorbonne University, France

Important exhibitions: France

Works in private collections: France, Moldova, USA

My paintings draw inspiration from the physical world, revealing forms and patterns that occur in nature. I work with bold colors and flowing “organic” shapes by engaging with the medium of paint through a “non-invasive” technique that explores the properties of the liquid. My goal is to reconnect the viewer with nature via a meditative journey into the reservoirs of primordial universal memory.

As an artist, my goal is to reveal the areas of intersection between mental, physical and emotional spaces that come into play as one navigates the super-imposition of imagined, lived and remembered experiences. If physical reality aims to point us into the direction of “real” spaces, art provokes us to imagine spaces unbound by the material condition. An abstract painterly rendering may be the ultimate “map” providing information not merely about the physical exactitude of a sensation, but a more complete description of its significance to a particular observer

In Memories, Lapses and Erosions, I explore the area where my own physical body enters into contact with that of the canvas and of the paint. By creating large format works I maximise the possibility of my own physical nature to reflect on the final result of the image. I aim to create a window into a time at which the painting was created by allowing the public to sense the spontaneity of my painterly decisions. I do not search to carefully manoeuvre the process of painting, I let it guide me along its own trajectory, walking a careful line between chance occurrence and intent.


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