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Prize I

Mihai Perca, 1969, Romania

Lives and works in Romania. Member of the Union of Artists of Romania

Graduated from the Academy of Arts „Ioan Andreescu”, Romania

Important exhibitions: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania

Works in public collections: Moldova, Romania

Works in private collections: France, Germany, Romania, USA

A famous theory that claims that “a child draws what he knows and not what he sees” is statutory in Mihai Perca’s artistic approach.

However, the fact that in accordance with the law of differentiation Mihai Perca has become a painter who has mastered all the perceptual elements of his visual representations leads us to the kind of understanding that is based on “abstract” concepts. The artist uses many elements to configure, most often, shapeless structures that, with the help of some mental constructions, generate meanings. As a narrator, he needs space where his own feelings, by which he is deeply impressed, take on meanings. An artistic technique can make them real. Mihai Perca chooses the drawing, color, light, and the titles of the works to invent a way of physical and mental representation of the world.

Nic Șerban


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