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Great Prize

Otgonbayar Ershuu, 1981, Mongolia / Germany

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Graduated from the University of Arts, Berlin, Germany

Important exhibitions: Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Japan, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland

Works in private collections: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

OTGO is the most important contemporary painter of present-day Mongolia. His works enchant the onlooker through the unique ease and freshness it exudes. We encounter humans and animals, which fill the often wide spaces of his paintings in small formatted roundelay. It is always difficult to assess and appreciate the art of a foreign culture, particularly when we have no knowledge of its tradition. Hence, we inevitably contemplate this art with eyes, which have been laden with our own culture and thereby overlook or perceive things differently. Beholding picture of the holy family, an onlooker unfamiliar with Christian culture will only perceive a family. We will have to live with this inherent limitation.

After having studied painting, OTGO entered into an extensive period of self-study, acquiring knowledge of traditional painting techniques and Mongolian iconographic miniature painting, which then led him to transform this tradition into his very own, contemporary adaptation. The artist described the meditative act of painting Thangkas, in which a depiction of a divinity is completed in one stroke as follows: “Thangka painting means that the mind is painting, not the hands – like meditation it bestows new strength and energy.”

The movement of the picture, which flows from the mind into the painting hand, is in the end the ever-lasting movement of life itself, but also the deliverance from a material world onto the path of a spiritual world.

Living in Berlin since 2005, the Mongolian artist’s creations may rightfully be considered world-art, encompassing all cultures. Not only has he led the artwork of his Mongolian home-country into the present consistently and has become a cultural ambassador of his people to the world, but he also embodies a young, global generation which respects regional traditions and operates internationally. He blends western and eastern traditions together in a very careful and wellreceived manner and thereby creates a type of art which has become an integral part of globalization.

Dr. Martin Stather (Germany)


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