daisy photographed from below

Prize III

Yansy Soler, 1989, Cuba

Lives and works in Cuba

Graduated from the Academy of Art from Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and the Massana School, Barcelona, Spain

Important exhibitions: Cuba, Spain

The flight of ideas is a psychological exercise in which a person discusses the ideas that occur to him/her in a determined moment. Each idea mentioned is not in relation with the previous, forming disparities in this lineal discourse.

I’ve used this idea to represent my own thoughts, and have applied this to my art - turning my works into spillways of information. On a daily basis, I receive hundreds of stimuli that, once filtered through my scheme of thought, appear in my final piece. I select that which attracts my attention.

This mix of images taken from newspapers, blotches of color, and line create a complex framework that generates confusion. If a detailed analysis of each piece were conducted, it’d be possible to find an infinite amount of combinations of images. This game that is produced by all of the encompassing elements of the piece alludes back to the intricacy of the thought process


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