daisy photographed from below

Premiul III

Constantin Migliorini, 1974, Italia

Birth and Rebirth. Self portrait

The globalized society is now marked by continuous changes, dictated above all by technological innovations that make the world more accesible, through social media, or in some cases by improvig upon the condition and the material well-being of man through technological progress. But man struggles to keep up with constant, sudden changes that technology brings. The anxiety the fear and doubt that the man carries inside, still remain.

The human being needs a solid foundation in order to not get lost in a universe of continuous innovations and finds it through remaining attached to tradition in its roots, to religion, even while projected into the future.

Being born is a miracle that no technology can give, life follows its biological rhythms and man, in order to survive, needs to find himself in spirituality, to try and find meaning in his own existence, in natural simplicity. But to understand we must find freedom and that is why a renaissance of the self is the second opportunity that each of us gets, to understand a part of ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Art linked to the rediscovery of its traditions recovers a sense of existing in its own specificity, where places and traditions can coexist with the most avantgarde technologies.

This is my self-portrait beyond time. One day I was, today I am, here and now. In this painting the torn jute becomes a fragment of past findings that condition our present, in an instant of conscience.


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