daisy photographed from below

Prize I

Lucian Hrisav, 1994, România

Compulsory option

So incited I am, by ways in which humans select to spend their freedom and how it affects the universe they live in but also by how these actions transform and become characteristic symbols to their essence and existence. I am interested in maping this hellish freedom and its derivatives, because it’s a reality no one could deny, a reality to which everyone is contributing, to the extend of their ability, for better or for worse, even by doing nothing at all.

Any type of choice will do nothing but drive humans to a whole lot of other choices, compulsory options, that take the form of vainly aranged symbols. I am completely mesmerized by the greatness of this place and the billions of meanings existence can undertake. They appear as existential vortexes, like a dense net, full of information that shapes humans and teaches them to live alike with others. An existence strongly bound to the comfort of the XXI century is creating a pattern in which these options become mandatory, and at our end we become trapped in our own greatness.


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