daisy photographed from below

Prize of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova

Victor Guțu, 1963, Moldova

Starting from the idea of a lonely person, I transferred the relationship between mankind and nature into my paintings. Everything that surrounds us is unknown, and on the universal scale is devoid of sense.

At the same time, man is also part of nature by which he is continuously transformed. Figuratively speaking, a person becomes a bird, a tree, a stone, water.

The social role is minimized or excluded in this process. This deterministic process permeates all personified subjects including people, nature and art. I depict only connections between objects. My artistic method consists in assuming the role of a lonely person in an unknown, perhaps even aggressive world. A sort of existentialism transferred through painting, more precisely a type of naive neo-expressionism.

I don’t narrate, but rather represent. Avoiding “chiaroscuro” I translate objects into a two-dimensional plane, where everything falls in place within the pictorial universe, a pictorial structure, of chromatic and linearly-graphic environment. An anthropomorphic idea made possible through plastic expression.


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