daisy photographed from below

Prize II

Ileana Ștefănescu, 1969, România

A traveler in perpetual search of the traces left by the human being in the course of their passage through time and space, the artist Ile Stefi continues her own quest for the terra incognita with the series “Work in progress”. As a second work in this sinuous process of research and mapping of unknown territories, the “Work in progress II” invites to the reflection upon the victory of the conqueror, who starts the inner building of his own identity. The clear mathematical contours, metaphorically repeated, give force to unfinished details and make them breathe the transparent air of a potential future. The territory is gaining its temporal dimension, being uplifted towards the infinity of a clear sky, and gives birth to the construction, as a new form of life.

The mixed technique used by the artist (acrylic and pastel) brings a touch of versatility in the creativ proces.


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