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Great Prize

Diana Tudose, 1988, Moldova

Master student at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

Graduated from the National Arts University, Painting Department, Bucharest

Important exhibitions: Moldova, Romania

There has to be especially praised the participating of young artists in this Biennale, some of them being awarded with important prizes, such as the example of a young painter Diana Tudose (the Republic of Moldova), whose work “Inside” was appreciated by the jury with Grand-Prize, that can be compared to the act of initiation.

Great level of the Biennale has been completed by appearance of this catalogue, able to impress by its dimension and the publishing quality. Being exactly comprehended and printed on the highest level of the publishing standards, the catalogue of Chişinău Biennale can find its place near the best productions of this kind, realized in the world.

As nothing could be done without the total implication of an expert with his high scientific level, and because we consider that “just a man is making his place sacred”, I want to bring some praiseworthy words to our remarkable painter Tudor Zbârnea, director of the National Art Museum of Moldova, the artist who has dreamed about such an exposition and who has comprehended its structure and realized his dream, being now curator of this Biennale.

I will follow with great interest and emotion the future destiny of this prestigious artistic manifestation – the International Biennale of Painting in Chişinău, that must be a true act of culture.


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