Regulations for the International Biennial of Painting, Chisinau 2021

Under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova

Organizing parties:
National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova
Union of Artists of Republic of Moldova

Culture Department of Chisinau, City Hall
Moldova National Museum Complex, Iasi, Romania
Sturza Family Fund
Mobias Bank Groupe Societe Generale

Curator: Tudor Zbarnea, General Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova

From September 22 to October 17, 2021 at the National Museum of Art of Republic of Moldova will take place the 6th edition of the International Painting Biennial.


Artists’ eligibility:

Works’ eligibility:


  1. The Application form may be submitted from March, 15th 2021 until June 15th 2021 (free of charge)
  2. Preliminary selection results will be delivered via e-mail until – June 16th 2021
  3. Delivery of the works to the exhibition gallery – August, 1st 2021
  4. Judging – August, 13-15, 2021
  5. Exhibition – September 22 to October 17, 2021
  6. Awarding the winners – September 22, 2021
  7. Delivery of the works back to non-resident authors – December 2021
  8. All the timelines listed in this regulation is just for reference, so the timeframe depends on the actual developments of the project. The Organizing Committee will inform all the selected artists if there is some change that asks for your cooperation.


The jury consists of specialists in the field of fine arts, history of arts and art critics from Moldova and abroad.

The jury selects the Laureates, determines the awardees, and has the write to influence upon winners’ price value.


In addition to that:
The trophy of the National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova Artmuseum
Three Honourable Diplomas of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Moldova
Other prizes and diplomas

The prizes will be granted on September 22nd, 2021 during the opening ceremony of the Biennial.
The laureates will be invited for a 3-4 days stay to Chisinau to participate at the awarding ceremony. The organizers will ensure the accommodation of the laureates.

Besides the prizes and diplomas:

  1. The possessor of the trophy of National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova Artmuseum will be invited to have a personal exhibition at National Museum Fine Arts of R.Moldova (
  2. The following group exhibitions will be organized:
    • a) selection 100 works - in Moldova National Museum Complex, Iasi, Romania. October 20 to November 14th, 2021 (


General provisions:

  1. The organizers have the right:
    • - to use the pictures of the works on TV, press, Internet, catalogues, leaflets, movies and on different media means;
    • - to use the personal information, sent by the artist to the organizers of Biennial;
  2. Awarded works will be transferred in the collections:
    • - National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova
    • - Sturza Family Fund
    • - Chisinau City Hall
  3. Preliminary selection will be made by the working group of the Biennial 2019 based on the Application forms of the participants sent by e-mail or any other media means with coloured pictures of the works, their description and author’s photo, attached, starting from November 1st 2018. The decision of the working group is communicated in time; the decision is not commented, is incontestable and the documents are not returned.
  4. The following authors are accepted for the contest:
    • - the artist who got official invitation from the organizers with the indication of the titles of the work/works passed the preliminary selection;
    • - assured the in time delivery of the works selected by the organizers;
    • - paid the participation fee until the delivery of the works.
  5. Upon fulfilment of all the conditions of art. 4, the author becomes participant in the contest.
  6. If at least one condition of art. 4 is not respected, the author is not accepted to the contest and his/her works are not displayed.
  7. In the contest do not participate:
    • - Special guests;
    • - Members of the Jury;
    • - Members of the organizational committee;
    • - Works that have been delivered to the organizers after August 13, 2021.
  8. Honourable guests participating in the exhibition may display works made before 2019.
  9. Organizers will publish the Catalogue of the exhibition in which every participant will be presented with one work (in accordance with the decision of the working group) and the main information about the participant according to the Application form.
  10. Each participant of the contest will get a free copy of the Biennial Catalogue.

Requirements regarding works transportation:

  1. The weight of the work in the package should not exceed 10 kg.
  2. The package should be good for recurring use.
  3. If the work is transported in a roll, the author should pay for the stretcher.
  4. The transportation of the work under glass and with fragile frames is not permitted.
  5. The transportation of the works:
    • - the members of Union of Artists of Moldova - is at the author’s expense;
    • - the non-residents – delivery costs is at the autor’s expense, but shipping costs to back - the package weight around 10 kg are paid by organizator.
  6. The author decides by him/herself upon insurance of the works during their transportation.
  7. The organizers are not responsible for any delay in transportation or damage during transportation.
  8. During 10 days after the exhibition is closed the participants, residents of Moldova should take their works from the Museum (31 August, 1989 str., nr. 115)
  9. The works of the participants from abroad will be kept no more than 60 days after last event.

The Application form of the participant (Annex 1), max 5 colour images of the works (.jpg, 300 dpi/inch format)
(Annex 2), the photo of the author (.jpg) for the catalogue
(Annex 3) should be sent bearing the inscription BIP-2021:
by e-mail:
or by post: National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova
31 August, 1989 str., nr. 115 Chisinau, MD-2012

Additional information:

Application form (annex 1)

Herein I declare that I am the sole author of the works on which I have unlimited rights unaffected by any third party. I give my consent to the utilizing of my personal data and my artworks by the organizers of the contest in the way specified in the Biennale regulations 2021 (According to the Law Nr. 133 / 08.07.2011 about the protection of personal data)



Short biographical information

Date of birth:
Relevant exhibitions:
Works in public collections (in details):
Works in private collections (only countries):
Phone number:

Annex 2. Max 5 colour pictures of the works (format (.jpg), 300dpi/inch). Every images will have the description: author’s name, title, year, sizes, and technology

Annex 3. The photo of the author (.jpg) 300dpi/inch) for the catalogue.


National Museum of Fine Arts of R. Moldova
Union of Artists of Republic of Moldova


31 August, 1989 str., nr. 115 Chisinau, MD-2012 Republic of Moldova

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